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     When replying for the Plantation Tournement please send Michael Weber email at  soccerassigning@yahoo.com;   do not call or text, when sending email have the subject line say Thanksgiving Tournement,  and include ALL your information such as full name,  2) Age,   3) When certified, 4) Experience  5) Phne and email contact  6) complete days and times of availabilty  7) any additional information.
    Also when replying for weekly and weekend games always include same info requested for tournament.
    When replying for the PAL assignments send in attached application.
Preparing for a Soccer Tournament


Parents whose children play the beautiful game need their own game plan when preparing for a tournament. Thinking ahead will make the weekend more enjoyable for you and successful for your child, and can save you money to boot.

Tournaments are expensive. In addition to the team registration fees, there can be hotel bills and restaurant expenses. And don’t forget water, energy drinks, and snacks. But you can keep expenses in check and optimize your child’s performance by planning ahead.

First off, prepare for injury. While tournament sponsors usually have people to deal with serious injuries, keep a small first aid kit for minor problems.

Include bandages, tape, gauze and a small pair of scissors, blister bandages (they provide more cushioning and stay in place on sweaty feet,) antiseptic, and locking plastic bags (to fill with ice if you need an ice pack.) It doesn’t hurt to keep a chemical ice pack in your kit as well. Another possible item is an emergency tooth saving kit. (Teeth that have been knocked out can also be kept in milk while the child is taken to an emergency facility.)  



Atlantic Rehabilitation Center




Atlantic Rehabilitation Center is an official sponsor of the Plantation Thanksgiving Classic.  During the Plantation Thanksgiving Classic certified and licensed athletic trainers from Atlantic Rehabilitation Center will be onsite throughout the tournament to attend to players’ medical needs and injuries.  In the event of an injury feel free to visit their website and request an appointment.  They will contact you the next business day and offer you an appointment with one of their pediatric orthopaedic physicians in the time that best suits your needs.    


For more information on Atlantic Rehabilitation Center please visit their website at: http://www.atlanticrehabcenter.com

or contact them at:   



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