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Tournament Schedules

28th Annual Plantation FC Thanksgiving Classic Tournament Schedules are Published!

Click here to see the schedules:  http://events.gotsport.com/events/Default.aspx?eventid=41461

Tournament Check In Information




  1. 5 copies of your team roster
  2. Every Player must have the City of Plantation Waiver completed and signed (click here)
  3. Every Player must have the [U18] Sports Medical Consent form completed and signed (click here)
  4. Every Player must have a Medical Release form completed and signed (you may use your travel forms)
  5. Every Team must complete an Emergency Contact Form completed (only one per team) (click here)
  6. Every Player & Coach must have valid player passes


The tourname nt check-in is going to be on Tuesday, November 25 from 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Dick's Sporting Goods in Plantation: 


Dick's Sporting Goods


The Fountains

801 S. University Drive

Plantation, FL 33324





(click here)






At check-in you need to bring: 

In order to make the registration process as smooth as possible please have all player passes, medical releases and rosters in name order based on the roster.


ROSTERS: Bring 5 copies of the roster. Acceptable rosters are: US Club rosters, FYSA/USYS State generated rosters, AYSO rosters. Guest player forms must be attached to each of the state generated rosters and signed by the guest player's Club Registrar. If guest players are from within t he club, then their names should be pre-printed on the state generated event roster. If they are from outside the club then please hand-write the guest's information on the bottom of each state generated roster. Without a correctly executed guest player form the guest player may not be able to play.


Guest Players Limited to:

  • U9 to U12 = Maximum 4 Guest Players
  • U13 and Up = Maximum 6 Guest Players



PERMISSION TO TRAVEL: Teams coming from outside the state of Florida, including international teams will need a " Permission to Travel" from their USYS State Association and or Governing Bodies (international teams). This does not apply to US teams using US Club Soccer passes and rosters.


EMERGENCY CONTACT FORM (only need one per team):  Each team is required to co mplete the emergency contact form. 

Click here to download the Emergency Contact Form


CITY OF PLANTATION SPORTS WAIVER: Every rostered player mus t have completed and signed City of Plantation Sports Waiver.  Please organize in name order based on the roster to insure a smooth check in process.

Click here to download the City of Plantation Sports Waiver


MEDICAL RELEASE FORM: Every rostered player must have a current medical release at check in. Medical release forms do not need to be notarized. You may use the current forms you are using for travel. Please organize in name order based on the roster to insure a smooth check in process.


[U18] SPORTS MEDICINE MEDICAL CONSENT FORM: Every rostered player must submit an [U18] Sports Medicine Consent/Waiver Form.  

Click here to download the medical consent form. 


COACHES & PLAYER PASSES: All coaches & players must have valid, laminated player passes with the necessary signatures & picture. Please place these on a ring and have them in name order based on the roster to ensure a smooth check in process.


LATE CHECK-IN PROCEDURE Teams that are coming from outside the tri-county area can check-in 2 hours before their first match on Friday.  You will need to go to the Site Director's tent at the park where your first match is scheduled.  If you have an 8am kickoff you should report to the site director by 7am.


Pre-Match Check-In: Teams are required to check in at the field for their matches. Coaches or Team Managers are responsible for giving the referees their passes and a stamped approved roster at the start of each match (referees do not need to be paid a match fee as that is part of the tournament fee). Please remember that any team arriving 15 minutes after their designated kick off will be subject to a forfeit.

Plantation Thanksgiving Classic

Plantation Thanksgiving Classic


November 28-30, 2014 ~ Thanksgiving Weekend





Update (9/19/14):  Online registration is open for all teams (boys and girls) and levels of play…


Plantation Thanksgiving Classic

Plantation Eagles FC is pleased to invite your club and teams to participate in the 28th Annual Plantation Thanksgiving Classic. The tournament will be played November 28-30, 2014. The Annual Plantation Thanksgiving Classic is one of the top ranked soccer tournaments in the State and has sold out for 18 years in a row.  300+ teams applied to the 2013 tournament, with nearly 300 being accepted. Please apply early to secure your spot as we once again anticipate having teams from all over Florida and many from out-of-state in this year’s tournament!


The Plantation Thanksgiving Classic is sanctioned by the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) and is open to all US Soccer members (US Club Soccer, AYSO, USSSA).



After you have had your Thanksgiving Feast, the competition will begin on Friday, November 28 and concludes on Sunday, November 30, 2014.



The Plantation Thanksgiving Classic will be held in Plantation, Florida. The main sites are Pine Island Park, Central Park, and Sunset Park.  The parks in Plantation are excellent soccer facilities and are some of the best fields in the state of Florida.  These parks host many other state competitions and are often sought after by other local clubs as host sites for their tournaments.



Gold and Blue Divisions are open to Boys and Girls U9 through U17 & U19


Levels of Play

Gold: U9-U17 & High School U19 Age Group Brackets

The Gold Division is for Division 1 teams and competitive Division 2 teams.  Teams from Florida and out-of-state are expected to participate in the highly competitive Gold Division.


Blue: U9-U17 & High School U19 Age Group Brackets

The Blue Division is for Division 2 and newly formed teams playing in the Division 2 or 3 levels.  If the number of applications at a certain level allows, additional flights will be created to allow appropriate competition.


Registration Dates

Registration deadline October 20th ($50.00 increase in registration fee after October 20th)


How Do I Register 

All teams must register on-line via (GotSoccer): click here for the application 


Teams may pay by credit card online. Teams/clubs wishing to pay by check should make their check payable to Plantation Eagles FC and note the registration number on the check memo line. 


Mail to:  

Plantation Eagles FC

C/O Plantation Thanksgiving Classic

9840 NW 10th St

Plantation, FL 33322



  • Please complete the online application via GotSoccer
  • Make payment either via credit card or by check 
  • Teams will not be eligible for acceptance until the registration fee has been received 
  • Any team not accepted will receive a refund 
  • Any team which withdraws after the application deadline of October 20, 2014 will not be eligible for a refund
  • Any team registering after the deadline of October 20, 2014 will be placed on a waiting list depending on availability.


Entry Fee

$550.00 for U9 and U10 (playing 6 v 6)

$600.00 for U11 and U12 (playing 8 v 8)

$700.00 for U13 and older (playing 11 v 11)


Registration fee INCLUDES the referee fees.


Entry fees received after the deadline of October 20, 2014 $50.00 late fee.


Tournament Format 

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.


Guest players are counted in the roster maximum. During the tournament a player may play for only one team.



The recommended form of communication is via email.  The tournament director Jeff Whitney (954-540-2127) should be reached by sending your e-mails to: jeffrey.whitney@att.net


Mailing address:   


Plantation Eagles FC

C/O Plantation Thanksgiving Classic

9840 NW 10th St

Plantation, FL 33322

U18 Sports Medicine

U18 Sports Medicine is an official sponsor of the Plantation Thanksgiving Classic.  During the Plantation Thanksgiving Classic certified and licensed athletic trainers from U18 Sports Medicine will be onsite throughout the tournament to attend to players’ medical needs and injuries.  In the event of an injury feel free to visit their website and request an appointment.  They will contact you the next business day and offer you an appointment with one of their pediatric orthopaedic physicians in the time that best suits your needs.     


For more information on U18 Sports Medicine, please visit their website at: www.u18sportsmedicine.com


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Referee Information
     When replying for the Plantation Tournement please send Michael Weber email at  soccerassigning@yahoo.com;   do not call or text, when sending email have the subject line say Thanksgiving Tournement,  and include ALL your information such as:
  1. Full Name
  2. Age
  3. When Certified
  4. Experience
  5. Phone and email contact
  6. Complete days and times of availabilty
  7. any additional information
    Also when replying for weekly and weekend games always include same info requested for tournament.
    When replying for the PAL assignments send in attached application.
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Preparing for a Soccer Tournament


Parents whose children play the beautiful game need their own game plan when preparing for a tournament. Thinking ahead will make the weekend more enjoyable for you and successful for your child, and can save you money to boot.

Tournaments are expensive. In addition to the team registration fees, there can be hotel bills and restaurant expenses. And don’t forget water, energy drinks, and snacks. But you can keep expenses in check and optimize your child’s performance by planning ahead.

First off, prepare for injury. While tournament sponsors usually have people to deal with serious injuries, keep a small first aid kit for minor problems.

Include bandages, tape, gauze and a small pair of scissors, blister bandages (they provide more cushioning and stay in place on sweaty feet,) antiseptic, and locking plastic bags (to fill with ice if you need an ice pack.) It doesn’t hurt to keep a chemical ice pack in your kit as well. Another possible item is an emergency tooth saving kit. (Teeth that have been knocked out can also be kept in milk while the child is taken to an emergency facility.)  



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